Brake and Steering Fluids


Low viscosity brake fluid with a high boiling point and outstanding performance at very low temperatures.

Product: 65360
Meets Industry Specifications
  • FMVSS - 116 DOT 4
  • FMVSS - 116 DOT3
  • ISO - 4925 Class 3,4&6
  • SAE - J 1703
  • SAE - J 1704

This low viscosity brake fluid is especially recommended for use in hydraulic brake and clutch systems of vehicles fitted with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and ABS ( Anti-lock Braking System ) with a high boiling point and outstanding performance at very low temperatures.


Its high wet boiling point (172°C) is superior to conventional fluids DOT 3 and DOT 4 and therefore enables longer product lifetime. The viscosity at - 40 °C of this exceptional brake fluid is lower than conventional brake fluids allowing an easier fluid circulation in micro-valves of anti-locking systems for better response of ESP, ABS and ASR systems in electric, hybrid and other vehicles.


Perfectly neutral with seals used in braking systems and delivers excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Test Method Unit Average Results
Appearance Visual
Water content DIN 51777 T1 ppm
pH ASTM D1287 8.53
Wet Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point (WERBP) ASTM D1120 °C 172

We reserve the right to alter the general characteristics of our products in order to let our customers benefit of the latest technical evolutions.

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