Driving towards tomorrow with Wolf Lubricants

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We are living in exciting times. New technologies are revolutionizing our lives, from connectivity to artificial intelligence, smartphones to medical devices, humanity is innovating at an unprecedented rate. This also applies to the automotive sector, which is working towards a carbon-neutral future.

At Wolf, we are not only blending sophisticated lubricants, but we are also enabling the mobility of tomorrow. As the industry faces new challenges, our R&D teams are working to develop novel solutions to keep people moving. With the increasing popularity of gas-powered vehicles – as well as the rise in hybrids – we have developed two new lubricant ranges. 


GAS range

The GAS range has been formulated for Dual Fuel, LPG and CNG cars. Already, 3.2% of passenger cars and 1.5% of light duty vehicles in Europe are powered by gas, which makes up 98% of the total alternative fuels market. With the tightening of emissions legislation, and in the knowledge that many technicians and workshops around the world would need the right lubricants for these specialised vehicles, we introduced our GAS range to the market.

WOLF VITALTECH 5W40 GAS and WOLF VITALTECH 5W30 GAS, have been specifically formulated for gas-powered vehicles combining high-quality base oils with an innovative additive package to help reducing sludge deposit and plug fouling, leading to increased spark plug life and extended drain interval. The lubricants in our GAS range ensure minimal engine wear and maximum cold start performance making it ideal for Dual Fuel, LPG- and CNG-powered vehicles. Curious to know more? Read here!

HYBRID range

Another important mobility decarbonisation technology is hybrid systems. Working alongside a conventional petrol or diesel engine, hybrid systems use stored electrical energy to assist the combustion engine. There is a wide variety of hybrid technologies in the market, with the earliest example dating back to the year 2000 with the worldwide release of the Toyota Prius.

Today, more than 20 years later, Europe has recorded more than 500,000 plug-in hybrid sales in 2020 alone. With a thorough understanding of the technology and the intricacies of hybrid integration, Wolf’s engineers have developed a range of lubricants designed for fuel-efficient, hybrid vehicles. Several of our unique engine oils for hybrid engines are:

Wolf_65631_5L_Packshot_Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W20 LS-FE


This full synthetic engine oil is specifically developed to meet the Opel OV0401547 specification. The ultra-low viscosity grade of this lubricant enables the latest engine designs to reach their predetermined fuel-economy goals. In addition to this, the engine oil forms a powerful layer that absorbs harmful particulates and keeps the engine clean and protected.

Packshot_16152_Wolf_5L_1047250_WOLF ECOTECH 0W16 SP-RC G6 XFE


This full synthetic lubricant provides some of the highest fuel economy levels in modern passenger cars and is well suited to hybrid vehicles where OEMs recommend an API SP or SP/RC 0W-16 lubricant. It has been carefully formulated to deliver outstanding engine protection with a low viscosity that makes for easy operation all-year round, even during the coldest months of the year.

Packshot_16153_Wolf_5L_1047261_WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 SP-RC G6 FE


This full synthetic lubricant has been formulated for US and Asian petrol-hybrid passenger cars, offering improved efficiency and total engine protection. Exceptional base oils and a package of innovative additives provide excellent long-term lubrication. It is also well-suited to winter conditions, with a low viscosity allowing for supporting easy engine rotation.

With automotive technology evolving, Wolf Lubricants is investing in leading-edge R&D to provide technicians and workshops alike with high-quality solutions for gas and hybrid vehicles. Although they currently make up a limited percentage of the total vehicle parc, this market segment will effectively grow with the increasing legislation.

Workshops and technicians need to be aware that dedicated lubricants are required for these applications. Wolf is one step ahead and is leading the way in responding to present and future aftermarket requirements with innovative, high-quality lubricant solutions.