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Firma Wolfoil Corporation


Keeping a close eye on the evolution of automotive technology, the research and development engineers at Wolf have come up with a leading-edge lubricant, WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F. Designed to make Ford EcoBlue engines come to life, ours is one of the first lubricants to hit the market that satisfies both Ford WSS-M2C952-A1 and ACEA C6 specifications!


The evolution of downsizing, turbocharging and emissions after-treatment systems have changed lubricant requirements. It is for this reason that we invest heavily in the development of new products and solutions that meet the latest market trends and requirements.

If you are servicing new Ford vehicles, including the EcoSport, Focus, Kuga, Puma, Tourneo Connect and Transit Connect, ensure that you are using the correct oil for EcoBlue engines. Likewise, if you are servicing new EURO 6 direct injection diesel vehicles, you need to use a lubricant that has been designed for those specific engine parameters and characteristics. It is not just about improving performance, fuel economy and engine protection though, there is more to it.

With emissions now one of the most important considerations in the design of new vehicles, we are seeing the widespread adoption of exhaust after-treatment systems. Can you guess what one of the most important factors in maintaining after-treatment systems is? Yes, that’s right, the type of engine oil that you use.

Our team engineered OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F with a Mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) formula. This works to prolong the lifetime, efficiency and effectiveness of after-treatment systems, ensuring that vehicle emissions remain as low as possible.

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As always, our lubricants offer exceptional long-term engine protection. OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F has been designed to prevent low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and turbocharger compressor deposits (TCCD).

Wolf Lubricants stays on top of evolving automotive technologies to ensure that workshops are equipped to service the latest vehicles to an excellent standard. We are proud to be one of the first to market with an innovative new solution for Ford EcoBlue and EURO 6 engines, providing great car parc coverage and keeping our customers ahead of the rest!

In short:

  • Our new OFFICIALTECH 0W20 C6 F is recommended for the latest Ford EcoBlue diesel engines.
  • We are one of the first companies to market with a product that meets both Ford WSS-M2C952-A1 and ACEA C6 specifications!
  • Among the benefits of this innovative engine oil are improved efficiency of exhaust gas after-treatment systems, superior fuel economy, complete engine protection and easier cold starts.

Driving towards tomorrow with Wolf Lubricants

We are living in exciting times. New technologies are revolutionizing our lives, from connectivity to artificial intelligence, smartphones to medical devices, humanity is innovating at an unprecedented rate. This also applies to the automotive sector, which is working towards a carbon-neutral...

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