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Wolfoil Corporation

Tutustu Wolfin vallankumoukselliseen voiteluainetekniikkaan

Wolf esittelee uuden tuotetekniikan, jonka avulla nykyaikaiset moottorit voivat säilyttää ominaisuutensa.


Keeping engines younger

Modern high performance engines require a new generation of lubricants capable of maintaining their qualities. To this effect, Wolf is introducing a proprietary technology that contains as many as 20 active ingredients to form a unique Multifactor Oil Serum complex. This serum is specifically formulated to reduce oxidation and to keep engines younger for longer, while curbing emissions and helping to reduce harmful pollutants. With the increasing sophistication and performance of engines, lubricants are subject to higher loads that accelerate their deterioration. When an oil ages prematurely, this can lead to higher levels of soot, which can cause the oil to lose its active properties and affect its ability to protect the engine efficiently. It can also lead to increased levels of oxidation and a thinning of the oil film, which can cause accelerated engine wear and potentially irreversible damage to engine parts. This is why lubricant formulations that extend the lifespan of oils have become indispensable.

Wolf’s recently developed technology platform can be compared to a sophisticated cosmetic product. Its complex formulations combine amongst other things anti-oxidants, dispersants and viscosity modifiers to form a multi-factor serum complex.

It’s the sophisticated balance and combined interactions of these active ingredients that have a vitalizing effect on the oil over time. This ensures Wolf lubricants to maintain their properties for longer, so that engines can deliver optimum performance between increasingly long service intervals.

A variety of benefits for a broad range of engines

Keeps engines clean

Keeps engines clean Wolf MultiFactor Oil Serum keeps engines clean by encapsulating microscopic particles like dust and carbon components, holding them in suspension, thereby limiting the abrasive wear that they can cause to engine parts.

Increases fuel economy

The complex molecules which make up our oil serum ensure that Wolf lubricants retain their oil film strength even at the lower viscosities which deliver improved fuel economy. However, with lower lubricant viscosity grades, there’s a risk that oil films break up. Wolf’s MultiFactor Oil Serum is specially formulated to ensure the perfect balance between lower viscosity and the ideal oil film thickness to protect engines.

Improves engine protection

Wolf lubricants coat engine components thanks to the microscopic balance between the active ingredients inside the MultiFactor Oil Serum. This provides the necessary protection every time the engine starts, thus avoiding engine wear.

Extends drain intervals

More severe running conditions impose stress on oil, leading to a faster rate of oxidation. Wolf MultiFactor Oil Serum comprises a series of active ingredients, including specially developed antioxidants, which are expertly balanced to work together harmoniously to avoid the oil ageing prematurely and allowing longer oil drain intervals.

Lowers CO2 emissions

Wolf MultiFactor Oil Serum keeps engines cleaner by limiting deposits, dispersing soot and keeping their levels under control. Cleaner engines mean greater efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. The unique chemistry inside our MultiFactor Oil Serum has been developed to protect after-treatment systems, prevent premature wear and ensure an excellent level of performance.

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