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Fewer fluids in your oil cabin without compromising on service quality? –Yes, it is possible with the WOLF ECOTECH MULTI VEHICLE ATF FE.


Transmission systems are critical for the performance of a car, and for the wallet of the owner! Especially automatic transmissions are revolutionising both your budget and driving experience, as these systems went through an amazing evolution to become the highly fuel-efficient systems we know today.

Modern care

The benefits offered by automatic transmissions are conquering our roads, and your workshop. By 2020, over 57% of new cars will be equipped with an automatic transmission, of which more than half will be stepped-automatic transmissions. These specific systems are very popular, as the more modern designs offer very smooth shifts, excellent performance and improved fuel efficiency.

Keeping the ever-evolving stepped-automatic transmission systems in optimal shape is done with a specialised ATF fluid, such as the WOLF ECOTECH MULTI VEHICLE ATF FE . This specific fluid combines astonishing thermal stability, wear reduction and fuel economy with an extremely broad material compatibility, enabling you to offer optimal maintenance to cars from different manufacturers. But, don’t be too hasty when taking a transmission fluid off your shelf. Even the most advanced fluids can’t cover all applications. Let’s use the WOLF OFFICIALTECH ATF 9G as an example. This fluid is specifically developed for extremely advanced Mercedes-Benz 9-speed systems, which are not covered by WOLF ECOTECH MULTI VEHICLE ATF FE.

So, what does the WOLF ECOTECH MULTI VEHICLE ATF FE cover? In broad terms we can claim that it covers most passenger cars, small off-road vehicles, vans and SUVs. In practice this is shown by the fluid’s specifications, which cover some of the major car and transmission manufacturers, such as: Aisin-Warner, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota…

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Changing the right oil

Changing automatic transmission fluids is a tedious task, but WL-8200 will help you turn it into a profitable opportunity! Our ATF replacement machine optimises the way you carry out oil replacements by doing it faster, completer and the build-in database helps you pick exactly the right oil. Read our dedicated blog to find out how this machine introduces you to a new way of carrying out ATF replacements! Finding the right oil without a WL-8200 within your workshop is made easy by our online Product Finder Tools . Just fill-in the details of the car and our extensive database will return you which oils you can use for the next car on your bridge.

Find the right lubricant



  • Autot Autot
  • Kevyet kaupalliset ajoneuvot (< 7,5t) Kevyet kaupalliset ajoneuvot (< 7,5t)
  • Moottoripyörät, skootterit, mopedit, nelipyörät (ATV) Moottoripyörät, skootterit, mopedit, nelipyörät (ATV)
  • Kuorma-autot ja linja-autot (> 7,5t) Kuorma-autot ja linja-autot (> 7,5t)
  • Maatalouslaitteet Maatalouslaitteet
  • Rakennus-, louhinta- ja materiaalinkäsittelylaitteet Rakennus-, louhinta- ja materiaalinkäsittelylaitteet

Dedicated lubricants maximize energy efficiency of hybrid vehicles

As a result of the rising fuel prices and environmental concerns, the hybrid vehicle market is expected to thrive during the coming years. Wolf has developed a dedicated product range for the lubrication of hybrid vehicles.

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Product in the Picture: WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE

Wolf has the ideal oils for even the most demanding engines. Let us show you how one of these oils, the WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE, can help you optimise engine performance!

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Durability or Technology?

Do we have to choose between the durability of a car or the innovative features it offers? Or can we combine both?

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