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Product in the Picture: WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE

Wolf has the ideal oils for even the most demanding engines. Let us show you how one of these oils, the WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE, can help you optimise engine performance!


WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE is one of our solutions for probably the most complex mobility questions of our time: “can we reduce exhaust emissions?” First of all, there is the excellent fluidity of this synthetic engine oil. This property, showcased by its 0W20 viscosity grade, is its first fuel economy enhancing property. Such a low viscosity grade poses almost no resistance to the quickly moving engine parts, making the engine parts move more efficiently. A second benefit of WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE is that it is capable of establishing a powerful oil film at such a low viscosity, allowing you to combine fuel economy with optimal engine protection. 

The engine oil’s excellent fluidity comes with an additional well-hidden benefit. The pump within the engine can spread this low viscosity grade oil quicker than more viscous oils. This means that its powerful additives reach all critical engine zones quicker, directly increasing engine life!

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Most car owners who want to lower fuel consumption purchase a fuel-efficient car. With WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE in your oil cabin, you will be able to service some of the most advanced engine designs, enabling you to improve the fuel efficiency of your customers even further! Even some of the most popular gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines, which are among the most demanding low exhaust emission engines, can be serviced with this oil.

These highly efficient engine designs are vulnerable to misfiring at low speeds (the so-called LSPI-phenomenon) when serviced with an inadequate engine oil. Be sure to click on this link if you want to know more about LSPI and its consequences.  

WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE has the API SN Plus specification and has obtained the GM dexos1 Gen2 approval, proving that the lubricant is capable of preventing LSPI from occurring. Let us use API SN Plus as an example. Tests have shown that API SN Plus engine oils reduce the number of misfiring occurrences by a stunning 96%.


Are you ready to enter a new era of fuel efficient driving with this advanced engine oil? Make sure to check if the car on your bridge is compatible with the engine oil before using it! 

Checking this is easier than ever thanks to our Product Finder Tool. Just fill in the vehicle details below and our tool will tell you exactly which oils you should use.

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  • Kevyet kaupalliset ajoneuvot (< 7,5t) Kevyet kaupalliset ajoneuvot (< 7,5t)
  • Moottoripyörät, skootterit, mopedit, nelipyörät (ATV) Moottoripyörät, skootterit, mopedit, nelipyörät (ATV)
  • Kuorma-autot ja linja-autot (> 7,5t) Kuorma-autot ja linja-autot (> 7,5t)
  • Maatalouslaitteet Maatalouslaitteet
  • Rakennus-, louhinta- ja materiaalinkäsittelylaitteet Rakennus-, louhinta- ja materiaalinkäsittelylaitteet

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Fewer fluids in your oil cabin without compromising on service quality? –Yes, it is possible with the WOLF ECOTECH MULTI VEHICLE ATF FE.

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