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Free whitepaper: improve your knowledge on heavy-duty engine oils

One of the easiest way to increase fleet uptime is by picking the right engine oil. But why is an engine oil the ‘right’ one and how can you select the best one for your fleet?

Technical Expertise

Free whitepaper: improve your knowledge on heavy-duty engine oils

Specialised heavy-duty engine oils are carefully balanced to optimally protect your fleet so you can get more out of your equipment investments. But what does ‘protect’ mean and how does this influence the composition of a heavy-duty lubricant?

Engine oils are key for optimal fleet maintenance

In this whitepaper, we highlight specific critical lubricating properties, after which we expand on their importance and impact on the performance and protection of an engine. These protection and performance enhancing properties are used to develop some of the most industry defining categorisations of heavy duty-engine oils, which are created by API and ACEA. 

By the time you have finished reading this whitepaper, you will have a clear overview of heavy-duty engine lubricants and the oil categories involved. 

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Dedicated lubricants maximize energy efficiency of hybrid vehicles

As a result of the rising fuel prices and environmental concerns, the hybrid vehicle market is expected to thrive during the coming years. Wolf has developed a dedicated product range for the lubrication of hybrid vehicles.

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Product in the Picture: WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE

Wolf has the ideal oils for even the most demanding engines. Let us show you how one of these oils, the WOLF ECOTECH 0W20 D1 FE, can help you optimise engine performance!

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Durability or Technology?

Do we have to choose between the durability of a car or the innovative features it offers? Or can we combine both?

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