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A diluted on ethylene glycol based coolant for use in engines. It employs Organic Acid Technology (OAT) inhibitor and is nitrite, amine and phosphate (NAP) free. It is also free of borate and silicate. The sophisticated technology provides superior and permanent protection to all components of the cooling system and a life span of 4 - 6 years or 250.000 km for passenger cars and 500.000 km for professional applications. Ready to use solution.


Formulated for long-term use in all engines especially those constructed from aluminium, cast iron and magnesium alloys. Not the best choice for older cooling systems that have copper/brass radiators and heater cores, especially not for the lead solder used in them.Suitable for cooling circuits of the open or closed type (vehicles and heating) with a protection against freezing until -36°C. This solution is ready to use and can be used during the whole year.


Anti-freeze properties: Superior cold temperature performance.
Anti-corrosion properties: Outstanding corrosion protection.
Total system protection: Excellent heat transfer and dispersion.


Specifically selected corrosion inhibitors provide superior and long-lasting protection of the complete cooling system and guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Specification level

  • AFNOR: NF R 15-601
  • ASTM: D3306
  • ASTM: D4985
  • BS: 6580
  • CUMMINS: 85T8-2
  • CUMMINS: 90T8-4
  • DAF: 74002
  • DEUTZ: 0199-99-1115
  • FFV: Heft R443
  • FORD: WSS-M97B44-D
  • GM: 1825M
  • GM: 1899M
  • GM: 6277M
  • JASO: M325
  • JD: H24B1/C1
  • JD: JDM H5
  • KOMATSU: 07.892
  • LIEBHERR: MD1-36-130
  • MAN: 324 SNF
  • MB: 325.2
  • MB: 325.3
  • MTU: MTL 5048
  • NATO: S759
  • OPEL: GM QL 130100
  • PSA: B71 5110
  • RENAULT: 41-01-001
  • SAE: J1034
  • SCANIA: TB 1451
  • VOLVO: 128 6083/002
  • VW: TL 774-D
  • VW: TL 774-F


Content 1 L4 L20 L60 L205 L1000 L
PN CODE 832588583259848326080832618983262888326387
Items per pack 124----
Packs per pallet 6540----
Items per pallet --32941

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