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Master your ATF management with the WL-8200

Customers looking for more fuel-efficient mobility and increased driving comfort will find a trustworthy partner in vehicles equipped with automatic transmission systems. The current evolution towards automated gear shifting will change daily workshop routine, but Wolf has the innovative tools to facilitate ultra-efficient automatic transmission system servicing.


ATF Market trends

The amount of vehicles equipped with automatic transmission systems are an indicator of the desire for more fuel-efficient mobility and ever-improving driving comfort. Car manufacturers seize the new market opportunities by introducing more automatic transmission systems into their product ranges, leading to a steady increase of vehicles equipped with these systems.

The overall market share of automatic systems will grow from 30-40% in 2010 to 50-60% in 2020, meaning that more vehicles equipped with these systems will find their way to your business. Furthermore, the ever-diversifying transmission designs are sure to make daily workshop routines more complex. In 2010, the market was completely dominated by manual transmission systems and stepped automatic transmissions. By 2020, this balance will be overthrown by a range of different transmission systems. Mainly CVT, or Continuously Variable Transmission, which offers a gear shift-free driving experience, and the DCT, or Dual-Clutch Transmission, which offers a balanced power-to-comfort output, will gain traction on the market.

Workshop impact

Automatic transmissions are valuable and complex pieces of equipment that require the right protection to stay in optimal condition. Automatic transmission fluid, or ATF, is crucial for the protection of the complete transmission system. ATFs are designed to offer stable protection in-between oil changes, but the fluid will lose its protective properties when the mandatory oil changes are not respected. An average automatic transmission system has to receive thorough cleaning every 60,000 km to stay in optimal condition, meaning that these vehicles are guaranteed to enter your workshop for this routine maintenance.

Different automatic transmission system designs set different requirements for transmission fluids, meaning that a specialist lubricant supplier with an innovative ATF product range is a valuable partner for your business. Wolf has a well-balanced ATF product range and extensive in-house knowledge to help seize new opportunities. Let us give you a sample of our product range:


Vibration-free gear shifting and reduced engine wear are the core properties of this innovative ATF. Its outstanding protective properties broaden the product’s applicability to a wide range of different stepped automatic transmission systems of different OEMs, among which are: Aisin, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Volkswagen.


This fluid is designed to service the Dual-clutch transmission systems of the Volkswagen group, containing brands like Porsche and Volkswagen. It extends the transmission’s longevity by offering protection to all parts. Furthermore, it prevents the system from vibrating, offering greatly improved driving experience.

Our range of innovative automatic transmission fluids allows your workshop to offer the optimal treatment to your customers, directly increasing customer satisfaction! Wolf’s dedication to innovate mobility reaches beyond product excellence, which is why we have added a highly-technological solution to support our current product range: the WL-8200!

Automation of ATF replacements: the WL-8200

One system capable of overcoming the increasing complexity of transmission system designs whilst guaranteeing efficient and complete ATF replacements, the WL-8200 is engineered to upgrade your workshop to a new era of technological advancement. This fully automatic transmission system changing machine is equipped with a broad range of attachments and features to upgrade your workshop.

Manual replacement of ATF is a tedious and inefficient process. When done by hand, only 30% of the contaminated transmission fluid is removed, leaving a substantial amount of dirt and debris in the transmission system. The advanced flushing process of the WL-8200 guarantees a thorough transmission system cleansing and a complete ATF replacement, for an unseen clean result.

The WL-8200 is designed to make workshop routines more quick and efficient, let us show you how our machine can make the difference for your business:

The right product for the right vehicle
Combining the ever-diversifying automatic transmission systems with the right ATF is a complex task made simple by the WL-8200. Standing at the vanguard of workshop technology, this piece of machinery is connected to two databases. The first one is an extensive database containing the specifications of a wide range of different transmission systems. The second database is connected to the Wolf product range. The automatic connection between these two databases enables you to find exactly the right protective fluid for each type of transmission design within seconds, greatly improving workshop efficiency.
Broad fleet coverage
The extensive adapter kit that comes with the WL-8200 fits up to 99% of all available transmission systems, optimising workshop efficiency and guaranteeing equipment safety. Sealed transmission systems can be accessed with the dipstick tool, which allows flexible oil replacement of these inaccessible systems.

Zero cross-contamination
Internal cleansing of the WL-8200 is automatically carried out by the system itself. It takes just one litre of the next transmission fluid to remove all dirt, debris and previously used ATF fluid from the system, for a quick and cost-effective cleansing. In addition to this, the sensitive sensors check the flow direction during the replacement of the ATF, ensuring that no contaminated oil gets mixed together with the pristine fluid.

Boost mode
Time management determines the efficiency of a workshop. The WL-8200 is equipped with a boost mode option to speed up the ATF replacement process, enabling our ATF changing machine to conduct complete ATF changes 5% faster than those of our competitors.

The WL-8200 is an opportunity for your workshop to enter a new age of efficiency and connectivity. Any responsible workshop or fleet owner has one eye on his workshop and one on his budget, meaning that the return on investment must be high enough to justify the purchase. The initial purchase price of the WL-8200 can completely be covered within 20 automatic fluid replacements! For more information on the WL-8200, be sure to get in contact with your Wolf representative.


• More vehicles equipped with automatic transmission systems are being sold.
• Preparing your workshop to make the most out of this trend is a necessity. 
• Wolf’s ATF product range contains innovative products covering most transmission systems.
• WL-8200 guarantees cost and time efficient ATF replacements, a reliable upgrade for a modern workshop.

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