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Free whitepaper: Become a lubricants expert and grow your business.

Are you in the automotive industry? Then you 'll agree that the industry is becoming more complex every year. Get the basics right with Wolf’s whitepaper covering all aspects of the production and features of motor oil.

Technical Expertise

Are you in the automotive industry? Then you 'll agree that the industry is becoming more complex every year.

Take a look at engines alone. Drivers expect engines to run as economically as technically possible. In parallel, governments and society as a whole put pressure on car manufacturers to minimise harmful emissions.

The result? Engines are becoming more advanced and more distinguished...

...which makes the lubricant industry more complex as well

Lubricants are the lifeblood of engines and so the world of lubricants becomes more complex as well. Specific engines require specific, advanced lubricants. The time is over when just a few types of motor oil could service 98% of cars. 

Successful automotive professionals today know the essentials of using lubricants well. As a result:

1.   They are able to better service and inform their customers, which creates customer loyalty.
2.   They can spot opportunities to increase their profits using/selling lubricants.

Become a part of this group with our free whitepaper: The Basics of Lubricants. It covers all the essentials you need to know right now, including:

•   What are the main components of lubricants
•   Which additives you should know about
•   What AC and ACEA standards are and why they're important
•   What's good to know about transmission fluids today
•   The essentials of brake fluids and coolants

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