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Discover Wolf’s new CK-4 and FA-4 heavy-duty engine oils

Wolf is proud to present its four latest additions to the heavy-duty product range. These innovative engine oils are, next to an answer to the pursuit for extended drain intervals and increased fuel economy , also ready to rejuvenate your workshop and driving experience.


Discover Wolf’s new CK 4-and-FA 4 heavy duty engine oils

Building, construction, transportation and heavy-duty mobility in general are constantly evolving. Modern day vehicles operate under different driving conditions, compelling engine manufacturers to develop new types of engines to answer the industry’s needs. Reliable engine performance and the ever-increasing importance of environmental awareness is the setting were a specialist oil blender like Wolf makes the difference for your fleet.

The consequences of modern mobility

Modern engine designs are harsh environments for engine oil to operate in. The rough conditions found within these vehicles confront engine oils with new challenges:

• Increased oxidation

Engine oil is adapted to withstand heat and pressure up to a certain level, but the latest engine designs raise the expectations for the resistance level of engine oil to another level. Engine oils being exposed to these harsh conditions will oxidise into inferior molecules and waste products, reducing the overall performance of the engine oil. 

• Increased aeration

Bubbles may seem harmless, but they have the potential to cause great damage to engines by preventing efficient heat dispersion. Modern engines tend to generate more bubbles due to the higher operating temperatures, pressures and oil flow rate, keeping these bubbles from forming requires more advanced oil formulations. 

• Increased shearing

Degradation of engine oil can also be caused by high levels of mechanical stress, known as engine oil shearing. High stress physically tears down the structure of the oil’s molecules, leaving them unable to offer sufficient protection. The tight gaps and high levels of pressure found in modern engine designs are greatly increasing the rate at which engine oils are shearing. 

• Increased fuel consumption

The challenge posed by the pursuit of increased fuel economy can only be answered by engines containing the appropriate engine oil. Fuel efficiency requires the engines to have tighter gaps, meaning that the engine oil has to maintain a stable oil film that is extremely thin at the same time. 

New API categories

The lubrication industry captures new trends in more stringent regulations to guarantee the end-consumers that their fleets are running efficient and stay protected. The four new challenges have driven API to formulate two new specifications: API CK-4 and API FA-4. The previous specification, API CJ-4, did not guarantee complete customer satisfaction in specific engine designs. 

The pursuit for more fuel efficient engine operation has led API to separating the successors of API CJ-4 into two different specifications: the advanced API CK-4 and its fuel-efficient counterpart, the API FA-4 specification.


API CK-4 is fully backward compatible with CJ-4, meaning that the CK-4 oils can be used in engines that previously where serviced with CJ-4 oils. This backward compatibility greatly broadens the applicability of the oils, making them perfect solutions for both modern and older heavy-duty engines.

Oils carrying the API FA-4 specification, on the other hand, are not backward compatible. The highly-innovative formulations can only be used in engines designed to run specifically with he advanced FA-4 engine oils.  These engines will greatly benefit from the increased fuel economy and excellent protection contained within API FA-4 formulations. 

Modern heavy-duty fleets are extremely diversified, meaning that engine oils have to be adapted to suit the needs of these valuable applications. The engine oils carrying the CK-4 or FA-4 specifications can be used to top up a wide range of vehicles:

• high-performance diesel engines equipped with EGR, SCR, DPF and/or DOCs
• naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines
• light and heavy on-highway trucking
• off-highway industries, including mining, construction, quarrying and agriculture 

Four new CK-4 and FA-4 products

Wolf’s solution to the new API categories is contained within the launch of four innovative engine oils. We are very proud to release these next-generation products in the market, validating our effort to reshape the engine oil industry. 









The three new CK-4 oils are designed to rejuvenate engines that previously were serviced with CJ-4 oils. All of these products are highly-specialised, yet widely applicable, products suiting the specific needs of both modern and older engines. Let us show you how these specialist products will impact your fleet:


The formulation of this innovative engine oil is adapted to extend your vehicles’ drain intervals. The high-oxidative stability and the engine oil’s capacity to keep particulates in suspension will guarantee engine cleanliness, make this engine oil the ideal partner for vehicle owners looking for an extended drain interval. The OFFICIALTECH 10W30 MS EXTRA guarantees stable wear protection and excellent oxidation resistance to all engine parts throughout the entire extended drain interval.


Keeping engines running over a long period of time is embedded in the OFFICIALTECH 10W30 MS EXTRA’s formulation. Its high wear resistance offers complete protection of the engine parts whilst its outstanding engine cleanliness keeps harmful deposits from forming, resulting in market-defining engine protection. This highly protective engine oil will enable fleet owners to directly increase fleet uptime. 


Vehicles in need of a 5W30 oil with extended oil drain intervals can rely on this engine oil’s outstanding properties. The complex molecules retain oil film strength at low viscosity, guaranteeing improved wear protection throughout the whole engine lifetime. Its excellent engine cleanliness is achieved through the engine oil’s ability to keep more particulates in suspension, directly increasing vehicles’ drain interval. 

The final product entering the market carries the highly fuel-efficient FA-4 specification. This product is formulated to support modern engine designs in their pursuit for increased fuel economy, making it a highly-specialised solution for modern fleets. 


This engine oil is your solution to cut down on fuel costs. It offers a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption by offering stable oil performance at low viscosity. The wear reducing properties of the engine oil does not only guarantee engine protection, it also supports the engine oil’s fuel-efficient properties. . 

New driving conditions, evolving engine designs and new regulations have shaped the formulations of these four innovative Wolf products. More information on how these products will change your maintenance experience can be found on their specific product pages on our website or by contacting your local Wolf sales representative. 


• The pursuit of product excellence raises new challenges for engine oils.
• API has contained modern market needs in two new specifications: CK-4 and FA-4.
• Wolf launches four new innovative products to cover the needs of modern fleets.
• The three CK-4 products and one FA-4 products answer modern market needs by offering concrete benefits like extended drain intervals or increased fuel economy. 


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