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A garage in your pocket

Technology has already changed our everyday, but how will it change the garage experience, for those working there and customers?

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A garage in your pocket

Technology has already changed our everyday, but how will it change the garage experience, for those working there and customers?

These days we have an alarm, a map, an assistant, a superstore and all our friends in our pocket. Could the garage of tomorrow also be in our pocket?

Innovation in the sphere of technology has been vital to the growth of Wolf Oil, and as the physical world gets disrupted everyday by the digital technology, Wolf has been at the forefront of driving growth for it’s a customers through tech.

Building tech into our everyday, in a seamless and non-disruptive way, is proven to make workplaces more productive and less stressful for the worker as he is more capable of arranging and organizing his workload.

For companies that have adopted digital into their workflows, the advantages are clear. Better time management, better customer management and better stock management. With a digital outlook, companies gain a true competitive advantage.

To show you what we think the future looks like, how it flows, we think it’s vital to immerse ourselves in the personas of our customers.

So here’s what we think the future looks like for you!

Let’s take Jack, our garage owner.
The alarm on his mobile goes off at 6:24 am, because due to the freezing cold weather, his wakeup app has calculated that it’s going to take him an extra 20 minutes to get to work this morning.

His coffee machine has already poured his coffee as it has been triggered by his smartphone, and the toaster pings out a piece of bread, as he jumps into his warm and ready (very well serviced) car, which knows from his habitual patterns that it’s about this time he leaves, and has gotten ready for him.

On the road, his car drives it’s self in the heavier bits of traffic, but then he takes control on those last couple of bends before the garage, pure driving pleasure.

He walks into the garage, and there too the coffee machine, knowing he’s 5 minutes away, and that it’s a weekday, has already made that vital lubricant, necessary for his day to go well.

On the large screen above the garage, the day’s planning is detailed for all to see, and his guys get to work. This was a platform they implemented in 2018, a workflow system that digitized the whole garage, and means that every task is regulated by the guys on the shop floors smartphones.

At each station, a large iPad sits, giving his technicians the information they need to get their job done, and letting them order parts immediately, with no extra paperwork. Everything is also available to everyone through their phones, if they’re not a their work stations. A dedicated app, gives them control, and it works with greasy fingers! In the corner, the parts that were delivered early in the morning, automatically, thanks to the smart sensors placed around the garage.

Jack can concentrate doing what he loves most, looking after the most special cars that pull in, those ancestors or our time, but that make his garage quite a name.

During lunch, everyone updates their planning’s, and the messages telling clients that their cars are ready get sent out, and at the end of the day, they come to pick them up, paying through their apps, directly on the forecourt, creating a warmer atmosphere.

As he leaves, he checks on the cars that people will pick up later with their QR codes, that the cars are all looking great. He turns, towards his garage, neon lit against a beautiful summer sky, and smiles.

And then Jack goes home, to pick up his kids, a modern father, and makes his family dinner. Pasta, the old fashioned way.

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