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Touching base with EMEA in Paris

Equip Auto Paris 2017, for the first time in Porte de Versailles, was a great chance to touch base with our EMEA partners.

Fairs and events

Among the more than 1,200 exhibitors, Wolf clearly stood out with a remarkable booth and offering. It was an excellent opportunity to touch base with our European partners and introduce our brand to those unfamiliar with Wolf.

For the first time, the fair was organized at a different location: Porte de Versailles. The new location certainly has its advantages. Benoit Van den Eynde, Regional Sales Manager: "Equip Auto is now right in the city centre, which makes it much easier to set up meetings after the fair.”

The booth design was very welcoming, especially with the unique glass engines that display the flow of oil through engines. This also caught Nicolas Philemotte’s eye, Global Field Event Manager, “This EMEA fair was a great opportunity to see what the competition is doing and stay on top of the market trends in relation to booth conception, activation on stands as well as communication on the event. I believe we did well on that.”

Gautier De Braekeleer, Export Manager, mentions the quality of the conversations at the trade show: "Automotive professionals today are definitely concerned with trends and developments, and how to anticipate. This has led to many interesting talks."

We're looking back at another successful edition of Auto Equip Paris and we look forward to meeting you again in 2018!

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