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AM Dubai 2017 lifted Wolf’s future ambitions

At Automechanika Dubai, Wolf introduced its local Sales Manager Middle-East and asked him about the future of Wolf.

Fairs and events

At the beginning of May, Wolf was present at Automechanika Dubai – one of the biggest automotive fairs in the Middle-East region. It was an excellent opportunity to catch with our partners, to meet new people and to introduce our new Sales Manager Middle-East, Mr. Salman. Mr. Muhammad Salman has been active in the lubricant industry for quite some time, so we have asked him what the future will bring to Wolf. Also our Export Manager, Gautier De Braekeleer, joined the interview:

Given your experience in the Middle-East and Africa area, how does Wolf stand out?
Gautier: As the context is a bit more complex than that, let me first describe the market: Within the lubricant industry, there is a breakdown of three large segments. The first segment, category A, contains recognized, premium brands. Here you will find all big lubricant players with rather high-priced and excellent quality lubricants. The second segment or category B contains lubricant brands that offer a different range in price and quality. These B-brands fall in-between the two other categories as the combination of price and quality in both lubricants and added services may vary. Finally, within the third segment or category C, you will find low-priced, low quality lubricant brands with very poor customer service. Wolf has a clear position in this setting, as we offer lubricants of excellent quality with additional services similar to most of A-brands at the correct price. Moreover, in our approach we differentiate ourselves to those premium brands by being flexible and by offering tailor-made solutions.

New Component
With some years of experience in the industry in hindsight, did you notice any evolutions in the lubricant industry within the Middle-East?
Muhammad: From what I know, the Middle-East market today is not very well aware of the new technicalities in the lubricant industry; however they are catching up slowly. For Wolf, there is a big opportunity in educating the market by sharing our expertise and by showing the latest innovative evolutions of our products.

Gautier: Absolutely, within 4 years of being active in the Middle-East and Africa (MEA) area myself, I also noticed an upward trend of upselling higher quality lubricants. Although monogrades are still dominant in this area, the demand for this type of lubricants has been slightly decreased. In a few countries, often with more mature economies, there is a significant shift towards multigrade lubricants and some of them even developed a demand for full-synthetic products. 

What about any future trends?

Gautier: I am convinced this shift from mineral towards full-synthetic lubricants will increase year by year. As environmental awareness has become a topic in some MEA countries since a few years, I believe a more strict legislation will follow accelerating the demand for more sustainable, good quality lubricants. Products sold by the earlier mentioned C-category lubricant brands will have a hard time thriving in those more regulated settings, as they won’t be able anymore to so-to-speak ‘dump’ their products in the market. There will be an increasing awareness of the variety in choice when it comes to better quality and innovative lubricants, which will certainly strengthen Wolf’s position within MEA.

Muhammad: The biggest edge that we have is the location of our blending process: Our products are for 100% blended on the Wolf site in Belgium. Thanks to our advanced R&D team and our on-site laboratory all our products comply with the strictest norms in Europe, which guarantees excellent quality of our products. Like Gautier just explained, the demand for higher quality lubricants in the Middle East is rising so the role Wolf could play in this region has a lot of potential. If you ask me, the future looks promising for Wolf!

Thank you and good luck!

"... we offer lubricants of excellent quality with additional services similar to most of A-brands at the correct price"

Gautier De Braekeleer

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