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Official BMW LL-01 approval for VITALTECH 5W40

This full-synthetic lubricant for passenger cars receives approval by BMW for cars built after 2002. Find out all the details.


VITALTECH 5W40 is one of our motor oils for passenger cars with turbo and direct fuel injection engines. With specifications by ACEA, API, MB, OPEL, PORSCHE, PSA, RENAULT and VW, it was already a lubricant for use with cars by many different manufacturers.

Today, we're adding yet another specification to the VITALTECH 5W40: BMW Longlife-01 (also BMW LL-01).

BMW Longlife-01 is usually required for BMWs built after model year 2002. The specification is backward compatible in that it can be used when BMW Longlife-98 is recommended, too.

This approval is further proof that this lubricant is a premium product that will take the best care of your engine!

VITALTECH 5W40 is available in 1/4/5/20/60/205/1000 L packaging.


More details on the product page.

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