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Product in the picture: MULTIGRADE SN/CF SAE 5W40

Need to keep that high-performance engine humming to perfection? Check out our MULTIGRADE SN/CF SAE 5W40. Now with BMW Longlife-01 specification!


MULTIGRADE SN/CF SAE 5W40 is a full synthetic lubricant produced from the highest-quality base oils and additives to meet the strictest manufacturing standards. It has a high viscosity index and a low starting resistance, keeps a high fluidity at low temperatures, and shows terrific thermal stability.  This oil is used for high-performance gasoline and diesel engines.

This product can be used in high-performance gasoline engines and also passenger car diesel engines with direct and turbo fuel injection. It meets strict manufacturing standards, most recently passing rigorous testing to join BMW’s list of Longlife-01 approved oils.  

MULTIGRADE SN/CF SAE 5W40 is available in the following packaging sizes: 1/4/5/20/60/205L, IBC and in bulk.

Check out our MULTIGRADE SN/CF SAE 5W40, made from top-of-the-line base oils and elite-level additives that offer total engine protection.

Main benefits of Multigrade SN/CF SAE 5W40

• High-quality base oils and additives for a top-of-the-line product
• Extended drain intervals
• Exceptional engine protection

And there’s more…

• Keeps fluidity at low temperatures, allowing your car to start easily in cold weather
• Cutting-edge additives keep your engine running longer
• Outstanding viscosity index
• Meets manufacturing standards including Porsche A40, Renault RN 710, and VW 505 00

For more details, see the product page: Product_16116 . 

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