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A new product range in the pipeline!

This fall, we're introducing a fresh batch of lubricants that meet the strictest limits.


At Wolf, we're committed to staying on top of our game. We're always looking for ways to give the latest engines that extra 'oomph' thanks to the perfect lubricant.

And this fall we're releasing a range of products that do just that.

Who will benefit?

Without giving too much away, owners of cars by the following brands (and workshop that service these cars) are in for a nice surprise:

• Buick
• Cadillac
• Chevrolet
• Chrysler
• Dodge
• Ford
• Honda
• Hummer
• Hyundai
• Infiniti
• Jeep
• Kia
• Lancia
• Lexus
• Lincoln
• Mazda
• Nissan
• Pontiac
• Saab
• Saturn
• Subaru
• Suzuki
• Toyota

Expect ultra-low viscosity products that withstand today's most relevant engine tests and provide outstanding wear and sludge protection.

Stay tuned to discover our new range of products this fall by subscribing to our blog.

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