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Small is the new big

The car industry’s trend towards smaller engines is more present than ever, and it’s here to stay. Six-cylinder engines are replacing eight-cylinder ones, fours are replacing sixes and now threes are replacing fours. Meanwhile, these smaller engines keep producing the same levels of performance, all thanks to new and innovative technologies. And the right lubricants.

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Smaller engines, the future of the car industry

This evolution towards engine downsizing is driven by an increasing concern over emissions and fuel economy, both by consumers and society as a whole. Car manufacturers are therefore continuously looking for new ways to coop and respond to these changing demands. Until recently, creating a smaller engine was equal to less performance and has therefore long been a big issue.

However, the adoption of new technologies, like turbochargers (supercharger or even twin turbocharger) and direct injection technology, has opened the door to smaller engines with similar performance to a much larger engine, but with improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. A smaller engine is also often lighter, so the car can be lighter and therefore nimbler.

Low viscosity engine oils is what they need

Significant innovations in lubricants are needed to enable the implementation of many very promising low-friction and high-efficiency engine technologies and increasing use of biofuels.

Therefore the viscosity of the oil should be as thin as possible (0W30 or 0W20) and in the same time the oil film has to be even much stronger than previous 5W40 viscosity oils, in order to be able to protect the engine parts at every moment. A thinner lubricant guarantees fuel economy from the moment you start the engine.

As a lubricant specialist we see it as our duty to proactively align with the changing trends in the market and introduce the products that both the automotive professionals and end consumers want and need.

Inés El Majid, Product & Technical Manager

“We’ve introduced three new products over the last weeks to offer a solution for the different needs in the market, one for Volvo, one for Ford and one for BMW.”

Give your customers what they need

Every engine is different and equiped with specific after treatment systems and technologies. Therefore every engine needs its specific engine oil to allow it to function in the most optimal and efficient way, protecting the engine along the way. The result is that you need a growing number of different engine oils as an automotive professional to service your customers.

The Wolf Oil Cabin allows you to have up to 10 different lubricants in stock (2x60L and 8x20L), stored in a clean and environmentally friendly way, allowing you to cover practically  100% of your customer needs. It’s clear that the times of having just one 10W40 lubricant are long gone.

Always find the right lubricant

In a world dominated by an increasing amount of specifications, servicing each car with the right lubricant is of vital importance. The best and most reliable way to always make the right choice is to use the Licence Plate Recommendation Tool on our website.

The recommendation is based on the licence plate of each vehicle and follows the OEM specifications.

Our three new low viscosity lubricants for Ford, Volvo and BMW

Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W20 MS-V: the new Volvo Architecture engines
The Volvo Drive-E powertrain technology for four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units calls for this kind of new age engine oil. Just as the Volvo Cars' Drive-E philosophy to protect our world and to react to the challenges of the future, it is Wolf’s mission to do exactly that and to develop and produce lubricants that go far beyond the ordinary.

Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W20 MS-V should be used to service the newest gasoline and diesel Volvo Architecture engines. This oil meets the Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE specification.  The extremely low viscosity, attained by the use of top quality synthetic base oils, provides an excellent quick and stable lubricant film at cold start. This lubricant is developed for extended oil drain intervals (30.000 km or 2 years).

Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-FFE: Ford Duratorq Euro 6 Diesel
The Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-FFE should be used to service the newest Ford Duratorq Euro 6 Diesel engines (Ford Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, Grand C-Max, Kuga). These engines, in the market since 2014, need their first service fill now. The product meets the Ford WSS-M2C950-A specification, with a service interval of 30.000 km or 2 years.

Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE: BMW’s latest longlife-12 FE- specification
The Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils produced by the most recent technologies. This oil is specifically formulated to meet the BMW Longlife-12 FE specification for gasoline and diesel engines. It is adapted to meet the requirements of the latest technology, highly engineered turbo engines requiring high performance and lower viscosity oils.

In short:

  • The adoption of new technologies has opened the door to smaller engines with similar performance to much larger engines.
  • Oils for these types of engines should be as thin as possible (0W30 or 0W20).
  • Wolf has developed 3 engine oils especially for these smaller engines: OFFICIALTECH 0W20 MS-V (for the new Volvo Architecture engines), OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-FFE (for Ford Duratorq Euro 6 Diesel) and OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE (for BMW’s latest longlife-12 FE- specification).

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